Top 10 Best Gel battery Suppliers in China

Top 10 Best Gel battery Suppliers in China

When it comes to the production of gel batteries, China is known for its high-quality and affordable products. With many reputed brands, it can be difficult to choose a reliable supplier. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best gel battery suppliers in China.

Gel Battery – The Future of Energy Storage

Gel batteries are an excellent choice when it comes to storing energy for use during power outages or as backup systems for renewable energy sources like solar panels. Unlike traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, they do not require maintenance and have better efficiency and lifespan.

JYC Battery – Your trusted partner in Gel Batteries
JYC Battery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various types of gel batteries for different applications. Some of their most popular products include AGM deep-cycle batteries, VRLA maintenance-free batteries, and UPS backup power supplies.

Panasonic Battery Panasonic Battery

Panasonic Battery

Founded in 1918 as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Panasonic has established itself as one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. Their range of gel batteries includes those suitable for numerous industries such as marine motive power solutions that provide environmentally friendly alternatives over traditional gasoline engines – A win-win situation!


Gel battery JYC Battery 

Founded in Germany over a century ago- In 1904; Varta has been dedicated toward producing exceptional quality storage devices- And their collection of gel cells prove once more how passionate they are about providing users with reliable long-term performance which come handy simultaneously along eco-friendly technology!

Rayovac Rayovac


This American company started producing dependable Ray-O-Vac branded light bulbs back shortly after WWI — but now boasts plenty experience within green technologies too thanks given their wide variety high-quality rechargeable options offered among other things like its portable chargers.

En Gel battery ergizer

With an emphasis on protecting customers’ financial investments through maximum usage time versus product longevity durable goods (amongst other enviable advantages)- Energizer has made substantial investments in the gel battery market and its products certainly reflect this – which explains their skyrocketing popularity in recent times!

GP Batteries GP Batteries

GP Batteries

Glamour Power Holdings (ASX: GPH), founded by the GP Industries Group and Gold Peak Industries, manufactures a variety of batteries that suit different applications from portable consumer electronics to industrial-grade tools. Their Gel Cells are also known for great cycling capability.

Renata Batteries

Gel battery JYC Battery 

Founded in Switzerland over 50 years ago; Renata is well-known throughout Europe as an expert manufacturer high-quality energy storage solutions! With high regard towards certifications like CE/ROSH-VDE- partners can be sure they’re investing with certified quality product at all times.


A household name on the global stage, Duracell has made great strides in producing some of the world’s most sophisticated battery technologies — And their commitment to greener solutions found among collection exceptional quality of long-lasting backup batteries included within Gel lead-acid options only makes them greater!

Each company mentioned above offers unique features regarding competencies which set it apart from others jostling alongside each other within same competitive marketplace defined by radical innovation-producing ever better doohickeys every day(wonderful!). Following table aims highlighting certain important things companies should watch out before entering mutually beneficial collaborations or forming systems together synergistically. Here you go:

Supplier | Company Name | Founded Date| Product Categories Sold | Address| Certification| Highlights| Contact Details|

— | — | —| — | —| —|—|–|

Gel battery JYC Battery 

JYC Battery | Jiangsu Koyama Energy Co., Ltd.|2010 AGM deep-cycle batteries
VRLA maintenance-free batteries
UPS backup power supplies
| HQ: Rugao city Jiangsu Province,
\u200b| ISO 9001:2015, lSO14001:2015|Premium quality gel batteries solutions |+86-513-87748843|

Panasonic Battery Panasonic Battery

Panasonic Battery| Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.|1918 Energy Storage solutions for motive power applications including marine and parallel hybrid engines\u200b|Corporate HQ:
1006, Oridowai Building
E23-A4 Xiandere Lane
Jianguomen Outer Street,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing, China.\u200b| Chinese GB Standards compliance
(e.g.GB/T17020) | Industry leader for over a century & certified products -Ensures high quality purchases!| +8610-5769-6602/3
batterycebu@ph.panas Gel battery |
Varta GmbH | VARTA Consumer Batteries (AsiaPacific)Ltd.|1904 |Portable Consumer Electronics Industrial-use Devices Automotive Use Devices Solar-Power Systems Renewable Energy Applications | Varta GmbH Technical Competence Center : Baar/Zug-Switerzland

Zhuhai City Headquarters:
No.21,Kaiping Road,Nanping Technological Park,Jinwan district,zhuhai Guangdong Province,P.R.China
[Postal Code]:519040 | ISO9001(latest)| High-tech engineering meets environmental sustainability in every product line created by the company – A distinguished experience one shouldn’t miss out on! +862082903863 / |

Rayovac Rayovac

Rayovac | Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.|1906- Wisconsin |Rechargeable cells Primary cells Portable power banks Battery Chargers | Corporate HQ:
Parent company-Spectrum brands, 
3001 Deming Way,Middleton ,
Wl 53562
GPO (Greater China)  :A307-309,Tower A,Century Financial Plaza,
No.100.Baochuan Road,Pudong district.
> Shanghai P.R.China

|CE,FCC,RoHS compliance
CNAS and UKAS certification| Rayovac rechargeable batteries are superb value center of attention for your targeting purposes to drive meaningful long-term customer business – Just what everyone is looking out for! +86 21 28981300/|
Energizer Holdings Inc. | Energizer Holdings,Inc.|2000 | Lithium / Alkaline / Rechargeable batteries ########. Magnetic flashlights # Energy Storage Systems #Smart Charger | Energizer Asia Limited:

Economic Windonw TST,

Suite1505,15 Floor.

No.111,Kakwa Eoad,Kln,HK \u200bMfg Facility : Factory Building-D#2,Jiulongpo District,
Tianchen Road No88(Festoon Industrial Park),

P R china\u200b|ISO14001(LATEST!!), Reach_SVHC_compliant | Energizer’s battery technologies offer optimal value for money – Meeting individual needs & daily requirements of customers: Become an owner of this incredible Gel Battery product right now! +1 508-337-3000 / |

GP Batteries GP Batteries

GP Batteries | Glamour Power Holdings,ASX: GPH|1994 Portable Consumer Electronics Industrial-use Devices Automotive Use Devices Solar-Power Systems Renewable Energy Applications
OEM Customers. |HQ:
GPH Tower
538 Castle Peak Road,LAIR,
Hong Kong\u200bCORP OFFICE (China)
No12 Huasheng Industrial Park,Xin’an St,Baoan Dist.

Shenzhen P R China.|ISO 9001(quality) | GP battles hardship with tailored solutions tailor-made to meet desired purposes or specifications individually specified by businesses like yours and make problem-solving task lighter than ever before! +85234120500/|
Renata SA | Renata AG Switzerland|introduced in the market over worldwide in Europe :1965.jsp”>Corporate Info.|button class=”primary list-product__cta” role=”button”>Product Categories

  • Batteries
  • Micro-Battery | Renata SA
    Via Cantonale 2,
    P.O. Box CH-6928,
    Manno, Switzerland.

    Renata Asia-Pacific Office:
    No.31,Lane 645,San-Ning Road,

    Pudong New Area,Tangqiao Town,Shanghai,P.R.China.< button>+41(0)91-61071

    |ISO14001:2015/Latest, ISO9001(LATEST),RoHS compliant|Renata prides itself on being a global leader within niche gel battery manufacturer and supplier sector giving solutions unique to customer satisfaction & technological relevance! +86-21 -6813 –9828 / |

    This article has taken an in-depth look at the top ten best gel battery suppliers in China and their products’ specifications with reference to producers/procurers or whoever might need them for applications pertaining to-respected industries like those mentioned above or something else altogether! With this knowledge I hope that you can choose the right provider for your needs without sacrificing quality, durability, efficiency or effectiveness when it comes time to procure necessary goods fro them (E.g Gel batteries).

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