Top 5 Plastic Hand Fan Manufacturers in China

Top 5 Plastic Hand Fan Manufacturers in China

Plastic hand fans have been around for centuries, and they remain a popular item across the world. In China, numerous companies manufacture high-quality plastic hand fans that cater to both local and international markets. However, with this vast number of manufacturers, it can be challenging to choose the best one.

To help you with your search, we have identified five top-rated plastic hand fan manufacturers in China who produce innovative products using cutting-edge technology. These manufacturers are Guangzhou Yifeng Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. , Dongguan Tianmei Packing Material Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Ruitian Package ProductLtd, Shantou Haojiang Xinxin Color Printing & Packaging Factory and Jiangmen Yilinbao Packing MaterialsCo,Ltd.

Guangzhou Haiyang Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is a leading company specializing in vinyl leaflet fans. Founded in 2009 with their headquarters located at Room B507-510 Yin Yan Lou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition Center No2176 Kaichuang Avenue Baiyun District Guangzhou City Canton ProvinceChina; this manufacturer has gained a reputation as an industry leader offering various types of custom-printed Vinyl leaflet fan s fit for promotional activities or events such as weddings or corporate offerings.

Polymer handheld fan -manufacturers:

First on the list is Guangzhou Yifeng Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd which prides itself as an excellent choice for polymer handheld fan production since its inception over ten years ago delivering outstanding services from designing through manufacturing until shipping its products worldwide timely and accurately. Essential details include unique selling points-likened amongst other things is the ability of the firm’s product to provide detailed imagery about sponsors’ brands guaranteed visibility due to durable material build precision design prints and customizable blades shape all available upon request at reasonable prices certified by ISO90012015 standards also backed up by certifications from Global Security Verified SGS thus making it a trusted source for quality assured polymer handheld fan manufacture. Guangzhou Yifeng Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd – Room 7F,GUANGXIAOHUI BUILDING,WEST HUANSHI ROAD.

Acrylic paddle fan -manufacturers:

Dongguan Tianmei Packing Material Co., Ltd. is the name on everyone’s lips when speaking of acrylic paddle fans their core competence originating over two decades since its birth in the year 2000. Specializing in design, production, and sale of Acrylic Handheld Fans manufacturing various sizes shapes as well as designs all customizable to clients’ requirements. Their products are widely used across industries such as gifts, advertising promotions synonymous with high-quality Imitation Ivory Pens packaging known worldwide backed up by ISO9001 / BSCI certification meeting international environmental or food-grade safety standards thus positioning them amongst top-notch world-class acrylic paddle fan manufacturers who offer unbeatable prices certified environmental working factory located at No 8 gangsha road bayisha village room105 dongkeng town Donguan city china

PVC handheld paddle-fan Plastic Hand Fan -manufacturers:

Zhongshan Ruitian Package ProductLtd takes great pride in producing PVC handheld-paddle fans for consumers worldwide established more than ten years situated at no389 angping South Road xicun zhongshan; they specialize In creating plastic hand-held fans and other creative promotional items also commonly referred to by their products brand “RTPFAN.” The company offers customization design services that can cater to any customer aesthetics-related specifications readily providing fully personalized printings about their multiple blade patterns product dimensions satisfactory lead time assuring competitive pricing plus free shipping offers available globally while backing up via verification certifications from UKAS NAQAS testing laboratories making them an excellent option amongst PVC handmade paddel Fan manufacturers.

Imitation ivory-hand-fan manufacturers:

Shantou Haojiang Xinxin Color Printing & Packaging Factory focuses on designing custom items and imitations that suit consumers’ needs seeking out a more fashionable vintage look. This manufacturer’s products feature Imitation ivory hand-fans, with over 700 designs at affordable prices. Having specialized in crafting various printed wrapping paper materials addressing birthday gifts or any celebratory occasion printing expertise updated cutting-edge art technology to create unique personalized gift wrapping paper for individuals SMEs corporate organizations alike while sustaining quality assurance, green company sustainability offering top-notch customer service support alongside verification certifications from ISO9001/GB/T280001 standards undoubtedly instilling trustworthiness among potential customers.

Jiangmen Yilinbao Packing MaterialsCo,Ltd is the last pack of winning plastic handheld paddle fan maker on this list committed to producing eco-friendly PVC material made-in-china sold worldwide catering to every client’s visual aesthetic specifications being founded almost ten years back primarily focused creating cost-effective easily customizable advertising inflatable balloons along integrating an environmentally sourced product line crucially manufacturing without compromising its distinct features such as superior durability resistance-certified by RoHS REACH qualifications while boasting certification from SGS validation minimizing harmful effects ensured great user experience delivered exceptional flexibility scalability weight stability relative mouthpieces like games balls tents via high performing highly efficient R&D capabilities relentlessly pursuing significant service improvements delivery timelines responsible production practices fulfilling their promise of sustainable development within themselves focusing on making w Plastic Hand Fan ork simpler quicker smarter faster better all the time urging new clients who share these values join our mission upwards today Jiangmen Yunlin Fabrics Co., Ltd Dongfeng Industrial Zone, High-tech Zone, Heshan City Guangdong Province China .

In conclusion, finding the best plastic hand fan manufacturer can be daunting due to various factors you need to consider before settling for one supplier whose pricing might also come into question but satisfying your preference should always remain paramount encompassing essential details such as product type warranties certificates certification sets free sampling terms conditions customer reviews graphic design solutions amongst others invariably keeping customers satisfied providing post-sale services dealing effectively credibly with potential complaints.

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